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What's New

NOTICE: March 29, 2013: Email server move is now complete.

To check your email using the web interface, click this link ACCESS YOUR MAIL. Do not use the boxes off to the right, as they will not work!

NOTICE: March 28, 2013: Email will be down today and tonight Email servers will continue to be moved to InteliPort's Network Operations Center (NOC) after 3:00 pm and will be offline during this move. CHECK your Email early today, for instructions on how to login to the new server. And check back with updates to this site. Beginning after 3Pm, we will begin transfering email to new server.

March 20, 2013: Email address and last reminder
Carolina Internet Services will stop doing business on Friday March 29, 2013. If you have not moved your internet services such as dsl, email, websites, etc. they will cease to function on that date.  Rockymountnc.com, nashvillenc.com, and tarboronc.com email services may cease sooner due to transitioning to the new locations.  Beginning Thursday March 21, email addresses will begin to move to the new server locations with Inteliport.  If you have not informed Inteliport that you need to keep your rockymountnc.com, tarboronc.com, or nashvillenc.com email address, You need to immediately (252-426-4600).  The domains will be moving beginning March 21 and during this transition emails can be lost or not transferred properly. If you have not previously setup with Inteliport to keep the email address, you will not have an active email address to be able to use.

January 25, 2013: Email address for rockymountnc.com, tarboronc.com, and nashvillenc.com
Since so many have asked about their email addresses at rockymountnc.com, tarboronc.com, and nashvillenc.com, We have worked out with Inteliport a way for you to keep your email address.  You will have to have an email account with Inteliport for this to work.  So call Tammy or Steve at 252-426-4600.  Email account rates are $13.75 per month, $37.50 per quarter, $52.50 per 6 months, or $75 per year, including anti-spam measures.  You may also call our office at 252-451-0686 and we can help setup things up as well.

January 22, 2013: Closing
We would like to inform you that Carolina Internet Services, Inc. will be closing our doors on Friday, March 29, 2013.

Our dialup services will cease on Thursday, February 28.  We are looking for migration options for our users.

Our DSL Services will cease on Friday, March 29.

Website and Email Services will cease on Friday, March 29.  Inteliport would be an excellent choice to migrate your website and email services.  Inteliport has been in business since 1997.  Call Steve or Tammy at 252-426-4600 for more information.

Any computers left in the office after March 28, will be considered abandoned.  Services paid for past March 29 can be refunded up until March 29.  No refunds are available after March 29.

Check back for any new details that emerge.

Beginning February 1, any accounts that are more than 7 days late can be terminated and deactivated immediately.  Please keep your account current to avoid interruption until you can make other arrangements for your internet services.

We thank you for your business and support through the years.  We are extremely thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have had you as a customer.

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